The Hidden Life of a Cell

Written by Paul Fritschner, Class of 2015

It takes 120,000,000,000,000 (120 trillion) cells to make a human.

cell pull quote-05That’s a whole lot of cells. However, even more mind-blowing is the fact that inside each of these microscopic pieces of matter, there is a bustling city with thousands of moving parts. Think about that: within each tiny cell are even smaller pieces. And all of these parts know how to work together.  As an astoundingly well-calibrated machine, they make up the larger being that is a human. Each tiny aspect works with the rest as one gigantic unit.

ADN_animationThere are two parts of this which intrigue me personally. First, the amount of study and research it takes to discover and understand what is hidden in our bodies. Studying human biology is the incredible process of our cells working together, to learn how our cells work together.

Second, the fact that this was all created and interwoven into perfection. Each individual cell is more highly programmed than any computer on earth. And though we may have only yet scratched the surface, we have discovered quite a vast amount already.

The website and video clips below, done by the BBC, takes an in-depth look at the hidden universe inside each one of us.

The Hidden Life of a Cell:

The video segment  on the Mitochondria is especially fascinating. To view it, just follow this link and clink on “ATP video” on the lower right:

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