Blog Application

JP Blog Application

First, a few words about the blog itself:

It was established in January 2015, as a way for the extraordinary voices of JP to be heard outside of our school’s walls.  Our school has many talented writers and thinkers, and our blog is their stage. We were blogless last school year, but Miss Foster has volunteered to resurrect this project! 

What is our blog about? Our school, our world, and our place in eternity. We are always looking for new topics that will interest and benefit our readers.  To see what topics we’ve covered so far, take a look at past articles.  

GOALS for the blog: 

• Regularly updated with posts written by students, and sometimes by alum, teachers, and parents

• Variety: Posts can be light-hearted, fun, intellectual, serious, formal, etc., depending on the topic.

Posts are never negative in relation to things that we love and protect, like our school, the Church, or specific people.

How a blog is different from a newspaper: 

• Newspapers articles are intended to be primarily about news, objectively recounting events. The author themselves should be, in a sense, invisible.

• Bloggers are able to show their personality. Blog readers look forward to seeing a true person peek through the writing. Posts should still be well-organized and contain proper grammar and spelling, but can be more casual in tone than newspaper articles.

Things to Know:

Each member will contribute an article every 6 weeks, about an approved topic of their choice.

Blog posts will be just 4-7 paragraphs on average. The target audience of the JP blog includes:

1. Current parents and families

2. Students

3. Kids who are considering JP and their families, as well as potential future teachers and coaches


Copy and paste the 10 questions below into a Word document or email, and fill in your answers. Make sure not to delete the questions themselves. Submit answers to Miss Foster via email.

Remember: One main goal of this application is to let us see your writing, so please write thorough answers for each question.

* Your Name and Grade: 

1. Of the articles currently posted on our blog, which do you find most appealing?

2. What do you find interesting about that article?

3. Why do you want to write for the blog?

4. Consider audience one: Families. What topics would they be interested in?

5. Consider audience two: Students. What topics do you think would make students want to read the blog?

6. Consider audience three: Potential future students and families. What do you think they would like to see on the blog?

7. If you have some favorite blogs, what are they about and what are they called?

8. What are three blog topics that you would be interested in writing about? 

9. Is there anything else we should know about why you would make a great blog team member?

10. Write a sample blog post of only 250 words or less:

  • Pick any topic to write a short post about. It could be about the history of French desserts, the Hubble telescope, or penguins. It should be something that you are interested in, and that you think others will be as well.
  • Include a title.
  • The ability to write concisely is an important skill, so spend some time getting rid of unnecessary words and leaving only the best.

Submit application to Miss Foster via email when you are finished. Good luck!

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