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Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School is a co-ed, college prep, Catholic high school serving more than 600 students in the Diocese of Arlington, VA. Dedicated to academic excellence and spiritual formation, it is the only high school in the United States to offer a 4-year Bioethics Curriculum. The school was established in 2008 as Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School. Following the canonization of Blessed Pope John Paul II on April 27, 2014, Bishop Paul S. Loverde changed the name of the school in honor of the historic and eternal event. For more information, please visit: www.jpthegreat.org .

About this site

The JP blog is a space to share and expound upon topics from every area, ranging from spotlights on our teachers and staff, to funny stories; from commentaries to personal reflections.  It is a forum filled with a solid balance of fun and knowledge.  Through this sharing of ideas, a venue for information and entertainment has been formed for our community.

Saint John Paul the Great, pray for us!